Walks and Walking – Welsh Cawl Recipe

Walks and WalkingWelsh Cawl Recipe

So, what has Welsh Cawl got to do with walks and walking in Wales?


What better than to finish a strenuous hill walk, a mountain peaks walk, a long forestry walk across the beautiful scenery of the Welsh Waterfalls in South Wales than a big bowl of Welsh Cawl, Cheese and Bread?


Except, of course, a few pints of the local ale!

We enjoyed a great week walking the Welsh countryside and had great experiences wrapped up in sensible walking clothes, walking boots and walking accessories.

We decided to have a sunday celebration today of our holiday in Wales a few weeks ago by cooking up some Cawl.

The ingredients are really simple but it’s the bread and cheese that really make the dish.

Welsh Cawl - Enjoying the recipe

Welsh Cawl - Enjoying the recipe

You will need:

2lb of Welsh Lamb (Shoulder or neck)

1lb Potatoes

3 Carrots

1 Swede

1 Parsnip

2 Large leeks

2 Celery sticks

1 Large bag of Parsley

Salt and Pepper

You need to:

Dice the meat, and all vegetables but save the leeks, celery and parsley.

Put it all in a big pot and simmer for 1 1/2 hours and then add the leeks, celery and parsley until 10 minutes before serving.

Cut the bread and cheese in to chunks and serve just like we did!!

The general idea is to keep adding water to make it in to a broth, eating the meat first and then moping the rest up with the bread and cheese.

Seriously, lovely.

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