Summer Walks In Suffolk – Walberswick And Southwold

Summer Walks In Suffolk

Walberswick to Southwold Circular Walking Route

Starting off our journey from Walberswick Green we made our way to the Walberswick side of Southwold Harbour which is a short walk from the Bell Inn. A fine establishment that we would be returning to on our way back! This was more of a relaxing stroll rather than a good walk so it was flip flops, walking shorts and a windproof jacket.

It was one of those days that was really hot when the wind wasn’t blasting in your face!! When we reached the harbour we turned left along the banks of the water to find a bridge further along. Here we crossed the bridge and continued straight on until we reached a signpost taking us over the common to Southwold.

For the rest of the day’s photographs please click here: Walberswick and Southwold Photos

The signpost to Walberswick from Southwold Aprill 2011

The signpost to Walberswick from Southwold

The common is actually a golf course and once through we had a very clear view of the water tower. We reached the road where all the cars park up for the day and turned left heading towards the church and then turned right until we reached Southwold Square where we had a meander around the shops before reaching the beach. We turned left at the Sailors Reading Rooms and then past a great view of the lighthouse on our left towards the pier.

Southwold Pier April 2011

Southwold Pier April 2011

A quick shufty up and down the pier and we made our way back to the sea wall and walked all the way along passed the canons and lawns until the concrete turned to sand, where we turned right to get back down to the road. We then continued to walk along the road until we reached Southwold Harbour where we had a very short wait to get on board the ferry to take us back to Walberswick and the Bell Inn some 3 hours later and about 4 or so miles, it was a lovely day, very windy, and a very relaxing walk.

Southwold Harbour Ferry April 2011

Southwold Harbour Ferry


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