Walks And Walking – Epping Forest Upshire Walking Route

Walks And WalkingEpping Forest Upshire Walking Route

This walking route starts at High Beach in the heart of Epping Forest and walks The Forest Way through to Upshire, Copped Hall and Copped Hall Gardens and then back to High Beach. This is a lovely walk where there is always the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Fallow Deer and Muntjac Deer which makes the walking even more enjoyable.

Fallow Deer Epping Forest Walking Routes

Fallow Deer Epping Forest Walking Routes

Strapping our little man safely in to the child carrier and lacing up our walking boots we were ready for the next 7 miles and just over 2 hours of forest walking.The child carrier has been such a blessing and you can watch our short video from today here: Littlelife child carrier.

Starting out at Pillow Mound in High Beach opposite the Epping Forest Centres and the Kings Head pub we headed past the tea hut to find The Forest Way path on our left by the small car park. Continuing on this pathway we crossed 2 roads enetring Woodredon Farm and past Woodredeon House on our left.

The Forest Way then crosses over the M25 motorway which always surprises me how such an ugly noisy (but essential!) road can split the beautiful Epping Forest.

With Oxleys Wood on our left we then pass a small area of housing before entering the road at Upshire where we turned right along the road which then bends round to the right with the Upshire Village sign on our left. Continuing down the road for a short while we then turned left in to the woodland in to Burgess Farm up to Copped Hall Green on our right.

Upshire Village Sign Epping Forest Walking Route

Upshire Village Sign Epping Forest Walking Route

The track then bends round to the right at Lodge Farm stables and then continues in to Copped Hall Gardens and then we continued straight until we reached a junction at The White House where we turned right almost walking back on ourselves and then we turned left shortly after through Copped Hall with The Slevage on our right. At the M25 crossing we turned right along the track to the tunnel and crossed the M25 and out the otherside to the path that then started to bend round to our left.

We then reached the entrance to Warren Lodge and Warren Wood where we turned right to follow the road down past a crossing and straight down to the Epping Road B1393 at Long Running. Here we turned right to the roundabaout where we then turned right to the fork in the road where we turned left and down through Sunshine Plain to a T-juntion where we turned left to walk around the bend in the road and back to High Beach.

The wildlife was in abundance today and we saw Fallow Deer, English Longhorn cattle, grouse, partridge, Lots and lots of rabbits and squirrels, ducks, ducklings and even a turtle!

Here are some photos from the walk: Epping Forest Upshire Walks

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