Walks And Walking – Epping Forest Walking Route from Loughton Essex

Walks And WalkingEpping Forest Walking Route from Loughton Essex

This 10 mile circular Epping Forest walking route covers most of the ancient woodland and starts and finishes in Loughton. Although the forest walking paths are well maintained there are parts that do get very muddy so walking boots are recommended and the forest does provide good shelter so walking clothes can be kept quite light. We popped Tedi in the child carrier and set off on one of our favourite walks.

The View From High Beach Epping Forest

The View From High Beach Epping Forest

From Loughton Underground Station we walked up Old Station Road crossing the High Road and then straight up Connaught Avenue to the Nursery Road car park turning right at the back of the car park by the notice board and along the main pathway in to the meadow and trees and then straight on the to the T-junction.We then turned right along the surfaced path with the pond on our left to cross the road by the second pond and continue straight along to the junction and on to the A121.

We then crossed the road in to Broadstrood car park and on to the main pathway keeping left at the fork and on in to Jack’s Hill car park to cross the road and keeping straight ahead keeping straight ahead at the next fork and keeping left at the next junction to climb the hill taking the next left at the fork and then right through the trees and on to the cricket pitch to find the gravel path before turning left at the road.

We crossed over and turned left and then the next right at the footpath between the trees. Turning left between the stiles alongside the M25 we then crossed the ladder stile and walked up the left hand side of the meadow turning left through the metal gate in the far corner and then right along the meadow and through the gap to another stile and right in to a drive.

We then turned left to a pond and then left along the track passing Copped Hall and then over the M25 to reach the white gates where we turned right walking down hill turning left at the waymaker through trees to join the narrow track turning left following the horseshoe marker posts up the road. We then crossed the path going left at Poacher’s Meet continuing just inside the edge of the woodland and straight along to join a pathway coming in from the left hand side that swung rightto walk parallel to the roadside bearing left at the fork to reach the road.

We then crossed over to join the pathway and through the car park to then emerge on the road at the High Beach tea hut to cross going left just before the fork in the road and straight ahead to a triangular junction where we turned right continuing along the road. We then walked straight ahead to join the pathway turning left and continuing left on the narrow path with horseshoe waymakers continuing to follow them to the car park and the lane.

We then turned right and then left to walk the right hand side of the pond via the markers to reach a gate and then the road.Crossing the road and through the car park we walked along the wide surfaced pathway on the left. At the crossing of tracks we continued straight along through the narrow gap and turned left on a pth and through the meadow. The path swings round to the right and we headed through the gap and in to another meadow and then diagonally right through the gap between the trees where we then swung round to the right to re-enter the car park at Nursery Road.

We then walked back down to Loughton Station some 10 miles or so and just over 4 hours.

2 responses to “Walks And Walking – Epping Forest Walking Route from Loughton Essex”

  1. Tom says:

    I struggled with these directions. Was fine up until the white gates out of Copped Hall but then became impossible. Managed to navigate to high beech visitor center using GPS and pick up the instructions again only to lose them again immediately after the triangular junction, I must have missed the left turn! Still got back to Laughton in one bit using GPS for the last section back to the initial car park.

    I think some indication of the distance or time expected before turnings would help as in reality there are a lot more paths in the forest than are mentioned in the text.

  2. This was one of my earlier walks before I started using ViewRanger so I could include maps in all my walks. Still, it all adds to the adventure! Glad you got home OK in the end 🙂

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