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Trekmates GORE TEX Gaiters

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I mention gaiters quite a lot in my walking routes and I use Trekmates GORE TEX Gaiters. Gaiters are quite important walking accessories if, like me, you find it difficult to keep clean and mud free when out walking. On some of my walks I have either forgotten to pack my gaiters or I did not think I needed them and have either come back with very muddy trousers or I get stung and bitten on my lower legs. There was one occassion where a pathway on a walk in Epping Forest had completely overgrown with nettles and I just had to take a deep breath and walk about 10 metres through them. Since then I have always packed them in my rucksack.

I bought some cheap gaiters at first but they broke whilst I was putting them on so I went straight back to the shop and invested in some Trekmates GORE TEX Gaiters. They are tough, lightweight, comfortable gaiters made from waterproof, breathable GORE TEX with cordura at the ankle and they are superb. I once went knee deep in mud and pulled my leg out quickly and was completely dry and when I got home there were no traces of mud on my trousers at all.

The front zip has a velco flap and there is a webbing strap to secure each gaiter under the foot with a one touch elasticated drawcord around the top to fasten closely against the leg. They are also abrasion resistant, very easy to wear, completely adjustable and stay comfortable all day.

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