Walks And Walking – Cornwall Walks Liskeard To Looe Walking Route

Walks And WalkingCornwall Walks Liskeard To Looe Walking Route

After several visits to Looe I was starting to run out of walks and there is only so many times you can walk along the South West Coastal Path (SWC Path) before walking it starts to get a little boring and you need a break. I haven’t been back to Looe for a while and now I’m more than ready to walk from Looe to Polperro, Polruan and Fowey, I’m really missing breathing in that clean, crisp and refreshing sea air.

I decided to look at my map and plotted my own walking route from Liskeard back to Looe taking in as many of the highlights of the area as I could and covering about 18 miles or so and a good 6 hours of walking.

You can get the train from Looe to Liskeard but I was fortunate to get a lift from the rest of the family who thought my walk was a little too ambitious for them. So I packed my rucksack, laced up my walking boots and wrapped up warm in my walking clothes to set off from the Post Office in Liskeard at the top of the main street running through the town.

Cornwall Walks Liskeard to Looe Walking Route at the start of the walk by The White Horse Inn, Liskeard

Cornwall Walks Liskeard to Looe Walking Route at the start of the walk by The White Horse Inn, Liskeard

I continued up the road from the The White Horse Inn to turn left in to West Street until I passed Pendean Avenue to find a footpath on my right taking me through farm buildings and through gates in to farmland and continuing along the footpath to cross Ladye Park and on to Looe Down Farm to reach High Wood where I then cut through to join a T-junction where I turned left on to the pathway that followed the East Looe River.

This part of the walk was quite wild, in terms of the woodland and forestry, and it was a bit of a struggle to get through to reach the main road. After that short piece of adventure I turned left down the main road trying to find somewhere safe to cross. As I walked down passed Looe Mills Farm on my left hand side I could see, what I thought was a really odd looking animal by their lake. Straining with my binoculars, that aren’t very good, I then tried taking a photograph of this strange beast that looked like a small monkey with a light grey coat. Sadly the photo didn’t come out because the branches of the trees kept coming in to focus in the foreground. Anyway, a few moments later the animal stuck its head up and flew away and it was then I realised it was a heron!

After all of that excitement I continued walking down the A38 crossing just before the fly over underneath the road and then on to a small road passing some commercial buildings and continuing along this road to walk underneath some impressive railway arches with the railway line high above.

Cornwall Walks Liskeard to Looe Walking Route at the railway bridge near the A38

Cornwall Walks Liskeard to Looe Walking Route at the railway bridge near the A38

At the end of this road I kept left and left again and up a very steep hill at Lower Lamellion Farm to turn right to walk down to Coombe Junction Halt Rail Station. I then continued to walk down this road parallel to the railway line before crossing the line and continuing straight along until I reached where I kept left and then turned right to join Lodge Hill and the B3254. I then followed the road keeping the railway line close to my right hand side where I passed St Keyne Trussel hail and ride railway station keeping straight along, not crossing over just yet, until I reached the Landreast Bridge St Keyne Railway Station where I turned right following the bend of the road round to the left before taking the sharp right and up the steep road up and along until I reached the village of St Keyne where I turned right and followed the road up and then continuing along taking the left hand side of the road which took me through to East Trevillies and after a few short steps, West Trevellies.

At the farm just after the bend in the road I then reached the pathway on my right which took me through farmland buildings following the track to kept right and around Tappswell Plantation to reach the road where I then turned crossed straight over the road to join another track crossing straight over the field and subsequent fields to join the road and head steeply down to Millacombe Farm turning left in to the road shortly after Church Hill road. Upon entering the woodland area I followed this pathway turning right to follow the track until it reached more farmland which took me down to farm buildings at Carglonnon where I turned left to follow the track in to woodland and the West Looe River.

The rest of this walk is very simple; continue to follow the river down until I get back to Looe.

I crossed over the river to join the pathway on the other side of the banks and walked down to the mills to join a road at Church Bridge and on again back to the pathway and down to a ford where I crossed over to the other side walking through Tremadart Wood to continue following the tracks and paths down by the side of the river until I reached Sowden’s Bridge.

At this road I turned right and walked around the road bending now to the left, keeping left and then and turning left and then sharp left with the river now widening on my left hand side until I reached the pathway that took me to the Watergate picnic area.

Upon entering Kilminorth Wood I took the higher pathway on my right to take me up to the Giant’s Hedge continuing along this track until I left the wood and on to the road that took me back in to Looe Harbour.

2 responses to “Walks And Walking – Cornwall Walks Liskeard To Looe Walking Route”

  1. Karen Di Marco says:

    How many miles/hours does this take? I want to do it in reverse From Looe to Cornwall as part of my pilgrimage to walk from my birthplace in Norfolk to that of my mother in Liskeard.

  2. Anon says:

    There is a much better and shorter route largely on footpaths, although it can be very muddy in wet weather. Proper boots needed in wet weather. From Looe, route to Watergate and then Sowton’s bridge just the same.
    Turn left onto the foot path at the bridge following the West bank of the river.
    Cross the river at the historic Coldrinnick Bridge: this avoids the potentially dangerous ford, although part of the path beyond is not a right of way.
    Follow the road for a short distance at Church Bridge, then take path on the right. This joins a road south of Herodsfoot. Walk into Herodsfoot. Walk through the village up Fore Street and take the path to the right by Milcombe Farm. This follows the West Bank of the river. It ends at a style where it joins a track. Follow until it ends at Liggers Farm Road near Scawn Mill. Take the road north by the mill until you pass Plumtree Farm on the left. Take the track on the left just beyond the Farm. Turn right onto the road at the end. This takes you to the old Celtic cross at the cross roads. Cross carefully (fast traffic likely). Walk down to the railway bridge by Coombe Junction. There are now several choices to walk the last part into Liskeard.
    Straight ahead is the narrow road which I normally avoid for cars etc. Turning right as if for the station, but then turning right under the bridge is the footpath to Moorwater. From Moorswater, again there are several options. One is to turn right under the main road, turn right immediately up a couple of steps, walk along the main road (good path) until you find a steep flight of steps up the hillside. Climb them and follow the later sunken path up to Woodgate Road near Hillfort Primary school. You are now Liskeard: straight ahead for the town centre.

    You need to be quite fit to do this walk: it is uphill almost all the way. I realise that the description is very sketchy: flesh it out on a good map like Openstreetmap.

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