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Walks And WalkingEssex Walks Epping Green Walking Route

This walking route starts at Epping Green where I joined the Forest Way down in to Epping Forest where I then joined Centenary Walk along to Chingford and covers about 9 miles of a very enjoyable and one of may favourite Essex walks.

Standard walking clothes for today; walking trousers, walking boots, t-shirt and a waterproof jacket in my rucksack.

Essex Walks Centenary Walk Epping Forest Walking Route

Essex Walks Centenary Walk Epping Forest Walking Route

Mrs K dropped me off at the Travellers Friend pub where I found the gate and signpost for Epping Long Green at the back of the car park. A great way to start a walk is to see a rich green wide grassy path ahead and Epping Long Green is one such track. Ignoring the various paths and tracks to the left and right I then came to the end of the Epping Long Green turning left at the Forest Way signpost on my right hand side just before the path narrows in to Copy Wood.

Here the path was quite overgrown and bends to the left and in to someones back garden so I followed the path to the right to reach duck board and after a short while enters farmland. I then continued along the natural path where a small group of trees were then on my right hand side in the middle of the field with the pathway now bending round to the right with a viewpoint, of sorts, on my left looking down across the farmland and the lake below.

At the end of this field I crossed over in to the next almost turning left to then walk downhill to Parvills Farm crossing over the road to reach a public footpath signpost and past a farm building to then walk gently downhill where the path then bends round to the left before turning right at the signpost for the Forest Way. I then crossed the field to the next Forest Way signpost where I was nearly tempted to turn left and follow the fields edge but continued straight on my plotted course to the edge of the same field to find the next Forest Way signpost.

Here I walked across the field to the other side, turning left and then followed the edge of the field as it gently climbs upwards to a signpost on the corner of the field where I turned right to continue around the fields edge, passed Newhouse Farm on my right to the field opening and a signpost for the Forest Way where I then turned left and walked up the road.

After a short while an adult fallow deer sprang passed me startled by some horse riders ahead of me.At the top of the road I kept left until I reached the main road and sign for Upshire Village where I turned right and then crossed the road by the houses and signpost for the Forest Way where I turned left and on to the pathway that then lead through more farmland where I then crossed over the M25 following the path round turning right at the Forest Way signpost and keeping right passing Woodredon House and stables to then join the road. Here I crossed straight over to find the Forest Way signpost just to my left where I turned right and now entering Epping Forest.

Following this pathway I then crossed straight over another road continuing along until I came out of the forest and in to High Beach to join the road, keeping left as it reached the green, passed the pub and continuing straight along and then downhill slightly to a T-junction. Here I turned left, crossed over the road and found my next pathway back in to the forest turning right and on the Centenary Walk.

The Centenary Walk is a wide and well maintained track that leads all the way down to the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Chingford. When this track enters Chingford Plain it bends round sharply to the left but I kept straight on and in to the plains to see the Long Horned Cattle that roam free in this area. A few photos later and the Queen Elizabeth Hunting lodge was on my left hand side as I continued down to the golf club to reach the road. I then turned left and walked up to the bus and train station while signalled the end of my 3 hour walk.

Essex Walks Epping Forest Walking Route Long Horned Cattle Chingford Plain

Essex Walks Epping Forest Walking Route Long Horned Cattle Chingford Plain

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