Walks And Walking – Devon Walks Lynton Valley Of The Rocks Walking Route

Walks And WalkingDevon Walks Lynton Valley Of The Rocks Walking Route

The Valley of the Rocks is a steeply curved heathland dominating the landscape with rugged rock formations just outside of Lynton in Devon, where Exmoor meets the sea and offers superb walks and walking routes. This walk also covers a short section of the South West Coastal Path walking route and covers about 5 miles in total.

Castle Rock at Lynton Valley of the Rocks walking route Devon Walks - Walks And Walking

Castle Rock at Lynton Valley of the Rocks walking route Devon Walks - Walks And Walking

Be ready for a long steady climb, a short steady climb and then a short sharp shocker of a climb. You may need walking poles to steady yourself and a good pair of walking shoes with a windproof jacket to keep out the sea winds.

We parked at the main Bottom Meadow car park and walked up passed the church through the town until we reached the end where the main road bent round to the right. We then walked left up Crossmead and turned right at the junction at the top. As the road then bends we took the footpath straight ahead signposted to Lee Abbey and Bay.

We then walked passed a disused quarry and when the path forked we walked left at the signpost for Lee Abbey and Bay to then walk gently up through woodland until we then reached the spectacular views to the sea and back across Lynton.

As the path bears round to the left the views become ever more spectacular. Far below is the Valley of Rocks, flanked to the seaward by the craggy landmarks of Castle Rock and Rugged Jack. Ahead is Woody Bay and, on the nearer headland, the landmark of Duty Point Tower. We continued our walk across the high point before the pathway started its descent.

As Lee Abbey came in to sight we walked down the pathway as it zigged and zagged until we reached a gate where we walked right at the fork by the edge of the woodland signposted to Lee Abbey. We continued our walk to a junction of paths by a seat and continued walking straight ahead at the signpost for Lee Bay.

We then kept to the main pathway leading through the woodland before crossing a footbridge to then walk round to the right to another junction of paths but this time turned sharp right before the footbridge to walk down a narrow path signposted Lee Bay continuing down by the stream.

We then walked passed an old cottage, keeping it well to the left, where the path reached, and crossed, another stream. We then walked along the path as it started to bear left and then we arrived at a road. We had now arrived at the South West Coastal Path where we then started to head back to Lynton by turning right up the road to the 20mph sign continuing our walk up the road as it climbed up to Lee Abbey.

The Coast Path continues along the road into the Valley of Rocks where we then walked to the little roundabout in the road, bearing left, to pass between the two rocky outcrops of Castle Rock and Rugged Jack, and continued to follow the signposted Coast Path walking route.

Eventually the path becomes a lane and enters Lynton as North Walk. We now entered the final short stage our walk where we then walked left at the fork to descend in to Lynmouth where we then walked right up to the top of the hill returning back to the church and car park.

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  1. Andy Jones says:

    Now this takes me back to my childhood. We used to spend our family holidays at Westward Ho and the Valley of the Rocks was always a popular day trip, Happy memories of walking around and scrambling on the rocks, picnicing on the grass and exploring the beach at Lee Bay

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