Walks And Walking – Jack Wolfskin At Home Outdoors Latest Offers

Jack Wolfsking At Home Outdoors – Latest Offers

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Jack Wolfskin outdoor clothing, gear and equipment is built around cutting edge design technology. Each piece of kit is thoroughly tested in extreme and varying conditions to produce all round protection from the elements and top end functionality and performance for jackets, trousers, boots, shoes and general outdoor essentials.

Jack Wolfskin products are most suitable for the demands of all types of walking, hiking, trekking and mountain adventures with a mantra of Jack Wolfskin being “At Home Outdoors”.

Jack Wolfskin Logo - Walks And Walking

Jack Wolfskin Logo - Walks And Walking

Regardless of the conditions and locations Jack Wolfskin aims to deliver comfort and durability. Being protected outdoors is paramount and the interchangeable weather you get with UK walking means that weatherproof clothing and footwear needs to be a priority. I always go fully prepared for any walking route so have yet to be caught out and I would much rather over pack my rucksack than not pack enough. Long walking routes in the more desolate areas of the UK definitely require more caution as one minute the weather could be pleasant and then next the fog closes in, it starts to rain or gets very, very cold.

Jack Wolfskin test their outdoor gear with a unique “application-orientated concepts” that have proven their worth and value over time with first class quality.

The Jack Wolfskin brand values are to develop products for people who love the outdoors, who have fun getting exercise, reaching their goals and discovering new things, who appreciate the countryside and treat people and nature with respect.It goes without saying that their enthusiasm for experiencing nature means that they have a large amount of respect for nature and this is relfected in all of their promotional materials.

About Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981 and since then has developed first-class, functional products on the basis of constant user feedback. With numerous patents and innovative, proprietary technologies, Jack Wolfskin products currently lead the way in function, comfort and user benefits, and are now used all over the world. Jack Wolfskin has its company headquarter today in Idstein in the Taunus region of Germany and employs more than 430 outdoor clothing specialists. Their goal is to motivate as many people as possible to lead an active life outdoors.

Jack Wolfskin products are characterised by a high degree of functionality, user-orientation and innovation. Jack Wolfskin has successfully launched a wide range of new materials and products and holds multiple patents for clothing, backpack and tent technologies. Take pleasure in all products and truly feel “At Home Outdoors.”

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