Walks And Walking – Casio Sport SGW 100 1VEF Watch

Walks And Walking – Casio Sport SGW 100 1VEF Watch

Whilst out walking recently a fellow rambler commented on my watch so I thought I would write a quick watch review for the site. Although it has all the bells and whistles (not literally of course, although that would be very helpful) it does seem to have all the basics for the types of walks and walking routes I tend to do. In my opinion the Casio SGW 100 1VEF watch is one of the best hiking watches in terms of functionality and price.

The main use of the watch, apart from the obvious time keeping, is the electronic compass with a built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north. One click of a button and I know where North is! I have a terrible sense of direction and even with an Ordnance Survey Map and Google Maps on my smartphone I still don’t know which way is North (I’m being serious) so to have a watch that is so simple to use really helps me.

The SGW-100-1VEF also features a stopwatch, 5 alarms, world time and temperature measurement. The EL panel includes an after glow feature which illuminates the display for a few seconds after the light button is released.

Casio SGW 100 1VEF Best Hiking Watch

Casio SGW 100 1VEF Best Hiking Watch

Here is the full spec:

Illuminator – An electro-luminescent panel casuses the entire face to glow for easy reading.

Thermometer – A sensor measures the ambient temperature around the watch and displays it in °C (-10°C /+60°C)

World Time – Displays the current time in major cities and specific areas around the world.

Stopwatch – Accurate measurement of elapsed time with a touch of a button.

Countdown Timer – A stopwatch that counts backwards: When 0 minutes, 0 seconds is reached, the timer emits a 10-second signal tone.

5 Daily Alarms – (Wake up, get up, breakfast, lunch and dinner for me!) The daily alarm reminds you about recurring events with an acoustic signal at the time you have set. You can also activate hourly time signals (each hour). This model has 5 independent alarms.

Low Temperature Resistant – (-10 ° C/14 °F), The timekeeping module is designed for operation at very low temperatures. The value indicates the lowest temperature at which the module will operate.

Water Resistant – 200 Metre / 20 Bar, 20 Bar Water Resistant means that the module is also suitable for swimming or snorkelling

I bought mine from Amazon for about £50 about 2 years ago and it’s still in really good condition. There are about 4,000 reviews on Amazon so I must be in good company.

2 responses to “Walks And Walking – Casio Sport SGW 100 1VEF Watch”

  1. Morris Field says:

    I agree that this is very useful watch – I have had one for almost 5 years now. However, there is one weakness that I have discovered – the strap. Mine has now broken, just at the point where the buckle sits on the longer tongue. I contacted Casio about replacing it and replacing the battery at the same time (original still fitted and working) to be told that the 2 jobs would cost almost £40. Given that new the watch only cost about £50 I have decided to replace rather than repair.
    Having said all of this and having a good look about I haven’t found another with a specification that compares so will probably buy the same again.

  2. I’ve had mine for a good few years now – it’s a ‘timeless’ classic 😉 David.

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