Walks And Walking – Camping in Epping Forest

Walks And WalkingCamping in Epping Forest

Camping in Epping Forest, for me, conjures up images of finding a secret spot next to a stream where I can pitch up my gear and spit roast a wild squirrel on my fire. Now, that’s never going to happen for several reasons; I don’t like camping, I’m scared of the dark and I can’t hunt.

This type of ‘wild camping’ is illegal in Epping Forest, as it is anywhere in England unless you have special permission from the land owner. Wild camping with motorhomes is also not allowed and you will be moved on by the forest rangers regardless of whether there is a ‘No Camping’ sign or not. The main parts of Epping Forest do get busy in to the early hours so you’re not likely to get much peace if you camp in close proximity to your transport but you may be fine if you just have a canopy, or make use of one of the many bivouacs in Epping Forest, and don’t light a fire.

In Scotland wild camping is far more acceptable and very popular. The best website I have found so far is this one, PTC* which includes some stunning, and I mean STUNNING, photography.

petesy wild camping

petesy wild camping

The most sensible and safe option is to camp nearby and enjoy Epping Forest during the day with plenty of walks in Epping Forest trying to track down some of Epping Forest’s native Fallow Deer or, failing that, a trip to the Epping Forest Deer Sanctuary.

Here is my quick guide to camping in Epping Forest for your walking holidays.

Walks And Walking - Camping in Epping Forest - Debden House

Walks And Walking – Camping in Epping Forest – Debden House

Debden House Centre – click here

Debden House Centre is situated in Loughton, Essex, and right next to Epping Forest. They have 7 fields, including 4 fire fields, with over 300 pitches, many with electric hookup for caravans and campervans. You have to fill in an enquiry form on their website for more details.
Debden campsite is open from 1st May to the 30th September yearly.

Walks And Walking - Camping in Epping Forest - Woodland Camp

Walks And Walking – Camping in Epping Forest – Woodland Camp

Woodland Camp – click here

Woodland Camp is situated a short drive from Epping Forest in Romford, Essex. They have assorted areas for camping within a Woodland Valley, with one of the larger Woodland Plateau camping areas featuring a “camping shelter” large enough for 30 people, an outdoor BBQ and a campfire location. Their website is easy to use, very informative and includes a video and image gallery. Woodland Camp is open all year round.

Walks And Walking - Camping in Epping Forest - Lee Valley Campsite

Walks And Walking – Camping in Epping Forest – Lee Valley Campsite

Lee Valley Campsite – click here

Lee Valley Campsite is situated in Sewardstone, Chingford, Essex and offers a perfect location in Epping Forest. They have 1,000 acres for tents and caravans, or you can choose to stay in a cosy cocoon or family cabin. They have a very comprehensive website and you can book online quite easily. Lee Valley Campsite open all year round.

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  1. Brian Mister says:

    when I was a boy (1950’s) you could camp more or less anywhere with the permission of a Forest Keeper just as long as they knew roughly where you were. Is this still possible?

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