Walks And Walking – SOLE Insulated Response Footbeds

Walks And WalkingSOLE Insulated Response Footbeds

With winter soon setting in I decided to start using a pair of insulated orthopaedic footbeds to keep my feet warm and try and help with stability.

I got a little carried away with the excitement of having to put them in the oven but thought it would be quite interesting to see how they performed against others I have used in the past. I followed the instructions to the letter and preheated the oven to 200 degrees and popped them in until the opti-therm indicator turned black and they were ‘ready to mould’.

I went for a quick walk and they immediately felt comfortable. I gave them a very good work out this week as I was on a walking holiday in Weymouth. The first walk was 3 miles, then 6 miles and another one at 10 miles. By the end of the holiday I felt a noticeable difference in how less tired my feet were and I was able to recover slightly quicker than usual.

Walks And Walking - SOLE Insulated Response Footbeds

Walks And Walking – SOLE Insulated Response Footbeds

Their product informations says:

You can keep your feet warm and comfortable during winter walks thanks to orthopaedic footwear specialist SOLE which has joined forces with 3M™ Thinsulate™ to create a footbed that moulds to the individual shape of your foot and provides insulation against the cold weather.

The new SOLE Insulated Response footbeds are recommended for winter boots, hiking shoes and mountaineering boots. They give accommodative support, 1.6mm of Softec cushioning and a 200 gram 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulating layer to provide effective insulation from snow, ice and frozen ground temperatures.

Apart from the obvious warmth and comfort benefits of the insulation layer and moisture-wicking top sheet, the SOLE Insulated Response footbeds can help walkers avoid aching feet, heel pain and arch problems by ensuring:

· Mouldable custom support
· Equalised pressure distribution
· Reduced plantar fascia strain
· Increased balance and feel
· Improved, natural heel cushioning

SOLE’s unique range of footbeds can be moulded to your feet at home in a matter of minutes: you simply warm them in the oven, place them in your shoes and step into them. The footbeds will mould to the shape of your feet as they cool to give you a unique, customised fit.

The SOLE Insulated Response footbeds cost £45 from www.yoursole.co.uk

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