The Three Necessities for any Walking Holiday

The Three Necessities for any Walking Holiday

Walking holidays are fantastic experiences for all ages, providing the chance to experience the great outdoors as quickly or as slowly as you wish. While the essence of such a trip is, of course, walking, there are a number of aspects that you have to consider to ensure your holiday is the best it can possibly be. With this in mind, here’s our three top tips to make sure your ramblings are as pleasant and as memorable as they should be.

Three Necessities  for any Walking Holiday

Three Necessities for any Walking Holiday

Get the right Equipment

If you’re planning to walk more than your usual Sunday stroll day after day during your holiday, choosing the right equipment is an absolute priority. If you are determined to get anything right, make sure it’s packing a winning combination of walking boots and socks. Walking boots are especially important to get right, and not doing so could result in you suffering foot pain or, even worse, developing blisters on the very first day of your holiday, which can put an end to all your fun plans. The trick is to get a pair in good time before your trip, wearing them in to ensure they are as comfortable as can be.

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Plan thoroughly ahead

The next is planning the perfect route, ensuring you know exactly how far you’re walking every day and also where you’re stopping for the day. Not only is it a good example of solid time management, it’s also a fool proof method to stop anyone from getting lost – which is easily done if you’re rambling across the rural countryside.

Walk within your limits

Most important of all, set a comfortable limit on how far you will walk each day. You can judge this by your general fitness, or even on the type of holiday you want to experience. If you’re after a relaxing holiday, the chances are that you won’t want to be walking 20 miles each and every day. Think about planning some relaxing days in between walking days, which could involve anything from reading a book by the fire to visiting a local attraction.

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