OUTXE TPU Dry Bag Backpack 10L Review

OUTXE TPU Dry Bag Backpack 10L Review

The OUTXE TPU Dry Bag Backpack 10L is 100% waterproof, PVC and BPA free, and non toxic.

This OUTXE backpack is perfect for long hikes on rainy days or days out on the beach.

OUTXE TPU Dry Bag Backpack 10L - Top Open

OUTXE TPU Dry Bag Backpack 10L – Top Open

The design is incredibly simple and in an era when standard backpacks have endless pockets, zips, fasteners and straps the ease of use is actually quite refreshing.

If you enjoy outdoor pursuits in or near water it’s great for keeping all of your essentials – cameras, smartphones and tablet devices – completely dry and free from condensation or wet weather.

The Ziplock ‘freezer bag’ seal simply pulls up out of the bag where you then place your contents inside. You then seal it,  clip it and fold it back down into the bag. You then roll the top down, clip it in place with the side fasteners and then pop it over your shoulders like any other day pack.

It may sound a bit of a faff but believe me it’s a lot easier than storing everything in the different pockets of a traditional rucksack and then hunting around in it for ages trying to remember where you put everything!


It also comes in it’s own button down plastic case so on a recent trip I slid my laptop and larger items into the dry bag and used the case for extra bits and pieces – ear phones, wallet, passport etc.

The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and you can change them into a tote style over the shoulder bag, or even have it secured to something to keep it safe from theft or when out on a boat or smaller craft.

The front mesh pocket is very robust and is secured with Velcro for extra security.

The bag itself is made from heavy duty 420D TPU welded for fully waterproof seams although has a very light feel to it.

It packs down as small as you need it to and even with a decent size laptop it still looks smaller than my traditional 10L day sack but with the added benefit of being waterproof and airtight.

The instructions included demonstrate how to fully submerse the dry bag to check it’s 100% waterproof and also comes with a money back guarantee and lifetime support. Follow this link to find out more about the OUTXE full range of equipment.


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