Freet Mudee Lightweight Walking Boots

WOW, WOW, WOW! Freet Mudee walking boots are a whole new experience for me – and I love them!

Freet Mudee Lightweight Walking Boots

They say 1kg extra on the foot is said to be the equivalent of 5kg in the rucksack. Even light alpine boots are almost a kg heavier than most trainers.

Obviously, the more weight you carry, the more energy you expend carrying it. But weight carried on your feet is actually much more significant. Weight on your feet will zap 4-6 times more energy than weight on your back.

To add to this, even though they are the usual de facto choice, leather boots can take a lot of breaking in and maintenance, their rigidity always cause me blisters and I can’t always wear them straight from the box if I’m planning a long walk or demanding hike. 

Although, once worn in, I immediately form an emotional connection to them and I find keeping them in good shape for as long as possible quite therapeutic and enjoyable!  

Freet Mudee walking boots

I really felt like Freet Mudee walking boots gave me all of the reassuring toughness, the water protection, the support, and of course the all important look factor of ‘they also look good with jeans’ green tick mark than my usual walking shoes and boots.

Freet Mudee walking boots

The ingenious Mudee from the Freet Barefoot company weigh in at a mere 620gm and it’s the kind of weight I’m really not used to.

I do have quite wide feet so normally need to buy a larger size of walking shoes and boots to accommodate for this, but as the Freet Mudee walking boots are built with their characteristic Freet5in1 asymmetric forefoot for natural foot shape they really allowed my toes to spread naturally. 

They are a real treat for your toes!

Freet Mudee walking boots

Mudee comes in black and brown and is extremely tough, breathable, durable, vegan and water resistant. The upper is made from advanced hydrophobic micro fibre material – MicroF2. Unlike leather which tends to absorb water (and become even heavier as a result), the hydrophobic MicroF microfibre sheds water. 

Freet Mudee walking boots

Mudee performs similarly to the highest grade of leather but is much quicker to dry, and to clean after my first 3 mile walk in wet weather I simply hand washed with lukewarm water and mild detergent and left to air dry. Even the soles were easy to clean!

My feet felt super fresh after the walk and a few hours later they did feel sort of ‘stretched’ but I’m guessing that’s because of how my receptors responded to the stimuli underfoot.

Freet Mudee walking boots

As the insides aren’t overly padded out for comfort as with a traditional more rigid walking boot I found that I didn’t need such a big size or wear such thick socks meaning I didn’t get my usual sweaty feet syndrome!

I’m kind of super excited to keep wearing them again and really start to feel the benefit of these walking boots.

The Mudee retails for £110.00 and you can buy them here.

Take a look at the Mudee and the range of barefoot shoes on the Freet website  If you sign up to the newsletter you get 10% off your first order.

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