Pits and Bits wash without water

Pits and Bits offers a towel off shampoo and body wash with no water required.

I haven’t fully tested these products yet but I already know how useful they will be.

There have been plenty of occasions when I have been out on a long hike or day walk where I have been sweating profusely.

Either for a lunch time pub stop for food and refreshment, or at the end of the walk for celebratory few drinks, I have always been conscious of bringing with me the whiff of the woodlands when I enter the bar area.

These products are perfect for a quick freshen up beforehand so apart from the enormous sweat patch on my back from carrying a heavy rucksack I will now be looking pretty clean and reasonably well groomed.

The bottles are easy to use and light to carry.

If travelling the 65ml plastic bottle can be included in hand luggage for flights.

Essentially, you just apply the liquid to your hands and massage into your scalp, armpits and other private bits, if you have the privacy to do so.

The liquid lifts out dirt and grease then remove it all by towel drying thoroughly.

In addition to waterless washing with the shampoo and body wash products there are expandable wipes you can use to substitute a flannel, all leaving a refreshed and moisturised feeling on your skin.

They are alcohol and odour free so perfectly safe for use all over the body.

So, if you planning a camping trip, attending a festival or looking forward to some long haul travel Pits and Bits may be a great solution for you.

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One response to “Pits and Bits wash without water”

  1. J says:

    Hi, you say you haven’t fully tested these products yet. I wonder if you would care to post a review when you have? Otherwise your post seems like a bit of an advertorial I’m afraid. Cheers!

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